Daily Archives: October 3, 2009

… that was its name

Half the animals on this holding have names, proper names. They are the lucky ones. Jacob, and Mace, and Max, and now one of the sheep. And the Three Musketeers.

I had three sheep, Polly and Cotton and the lamb. The lamb was destined to the deep freeze. But then a tragedy happened. Cotton, who was over-stout, got on her back in the field and died. She was my favourite sheep and I was most upset. I was also in a dilemma. Because Polly is not young, and she might not have another ewe lamb, and if she did not before she died, I would be without a descendant of Eve, the late and great. ~So I have taken the decision that the lamb should stay, which meant finding a name. Since she is neurotic and constantly certain that she and her mother are Doomed, Doomed I Tell You, she has been named Cassandra, or Cassie, and in her name, she is assured of life, since I cannot eat those who are named.

The Three Musketeers are also benefiting from a tragedy. Their mother and their other nine siblings were abstracted (missing presumed eaten) by a person or persons unknown. 3 blog
It has taken a good deal of care to get them independent and thriving. In the process they got a name. And a life.

And today I inspected the pitifully thin little ewe who has been seeking refuge in my outbuildings with real desperation. She is too thin – I suspect she missed out on worming for liver fluke. The shepherd has 2000 sheep. One is not at a premium. I will buy her wormer (and my own girls too). And I guess, if she does, I shall have to have a conversation with the shepherd about a change of ownership.