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Passing neatly over the destruction of my actual slates (supposedly to be saved for the roof) this is one example of the mess my alleged slater left – hence a hideously acrimonious start to today. It is comparatively easy to learn not to shout and not to make a personal attack. I wish that growing a tougher skin was easier.
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4 responses to “Slated

  1. poor mootles, it sounds like you stood your ground as you had every right to.

  2. It all seems very traumatic.

  3. what on earth did he do to decimate the slates?

    take comfort in all the handy little blackboards you can now hang all over the place.

  4. rosemaryhannah

    Never thought of that – most are now safely buried along with their nails – hundreds and hundreds of nails, waiting for my feet, Max’s feet, children’s feet and Jacob’s feet. Shudder.

    What I believe he did was to use the slate as the lever to free itself from the nail, and not a hammer to pull on the nail. Tomorrow he will be in receipt of a recorded delivery letter.

    When I child I had real slates and real slate pencils.

    What I do not have is a slater to take the rest of the slates off so the corrugated iron men can put the tin roof on. Always supposing I feel able to authorise this – the so far only quote is horrific.

    I am going to have to spend Friday phoning tradesmen and I had wanted a quiet day polishing off a little academic work and recovering my equilibrium.

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