In other words

I have a weakness for classic commedia dell’arte humour. Not so much the plot (or absence of it) but the physical comedy. The polished tumbling, the illusion. One knows little bad will happen. The performance is as much dance as drama. The humour will not bring tears. This had been a gruelling seven days. I need to seek solace in comedy which will astound, delight, reassure.

In other words, it’s been a rubbish week and I need some Jackie Chan – bring on Rush Hour 3.


3 responses to “In other words

  1. I usually have a film or two that I watch as a s sort of comfort thing – I’m given to either the importance of being earnest (rather pants Judy Dench version) and Blues Brothers. Don’t even need to watch them all the way through – just a snippet helps.

  2. There is an AbFab episode that I like to watch or one of the Legally Blonde films.

  3. I just love this post!

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