Sloe, sloe! Quick, quick! Sloe!

On Bute there were two stands of blackthorn. If one was lucky and it was a good year, and one got there before anybody else, it was possible to make enough sloe gin to comfort oneself throughout the Christmas season, and also a few carefully selected friends. One could drink one’s way through the island’s entire stock of sloes.

I watched the blossom very thoughtfully in the spring. I was not going to be able to drink my way through Ayrshire’s sloes.

I identifies a stand of bushes on a quiet road, and last Thursday after work, with an indigo sky and a Bloody Mary sun I stopped on the way home from work and began picking. It was fast apparent there lots of sloes, large and luscious, but nearly all of them were just out of my reach. So I climbed the somewhat rickety fence, and picked. The sloes retreated, and I climbed, clutching the thorny tree to my bosom. The road was deserted, and then the tractors came. The first one had a driver whose jaw sagged, the next one opened his mouth, and the third one’s jaw fairly dropped.

Had nobody told the idiot middle aged woman balancing on the top of an old fence that those bushes were not brambles? My, she would get an awful shock when she baked her pies.


9 responses to “Sloe, sloe! Quick, quick! Sloe!

  1. maybe they were just admiring the view.

    so, do I like sloe gin? and what does one do with it? I’ll have to find a time to come see beautiful dog and bad dog and purry cat and the lamb-chops and the waddly ones to find out. (she says, inviting herself down.)

  2. The scent, taste, colour – everything about sloe gin is wondrous.

  3. rosemaryhannah

    Come, come!

    Sloe gin is basically a liqueur. It is fruity, aromatic and quintessentially English. [sic]

  4. does that description remind you of anyone?

  5. rosemaryhannah

    That will be the general aura of dog and horse, dear……

  6. I love the vision of you clutching the thorny tree to your bosom. It made me snigger aloud. I note that your other commenters seem too obsessed with the booze to snigger …

  7. rosemaryhannah

    They are a terrible drunken lot – mind you they are Piskies. Ah, another good theory bites the dust – so are you!

  8. Yea, verily – but not a cradle one. Does that, perhaps, make a difference?

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