Playing seriously

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On Sunday afternoon I took the neighbour’s kids to ‘Hunt for Red October’. They were among the oldest children there, which put them off a bit, which was a pity. The activities were good. We had a great time filling in leaves across the spectrum card we were given. I nearly didn’t get one – happily I was overheard saying to one child that I would need to be allowed to share hers as I didn’t want to be left out. So I got a card, and then the other adults were asked if they wanted one. Most did, and I think the Rangers were a bit surprised.

And there you have it. Adults are discouraged from serious play – and I cannot be alone in wanting it. I was re-created as I was absorbed in colour and form. A friend who sometimes posts on here is a bit of a genius at creating these activities and enabling them to become prayer. Should you not be religious – take heart. If Tillich is right , we find religion in what we take seriously. Serious play helps us connect with our real concerns. OK secularists, now you can breath a little more freely.


4 responses to “Playing seriously

  1. oooh, I want a spectrum card. Just think of all the possibilities.

    from the Rangers, you say?

  2. rosemaryhannah

    I did think all afternoon of what fun you would have had. It was a very ‘wonderful exchange’ afternoon.

  3. YES! More play, please!

  4. I don’t object to people looking for spirituality in unusual places, but please don’t start finding it in microwaves a la one of our former St Paul’s ministers.

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