Strength and weakness

In most people, they are intimately related. I remember discovering this in R.E. as a teenager. ‘Describe the strengths and weaknesses of x’s reign’ read the question. Answering I realised his strengths usually lead to his disasters.

So I don’t know whether to be delighted or dismayed when one of the children lets their hearts rule their heads just as I would.

But I do know my youngest is sometimes quite dismayingly like me.


6 responses to “Strength and weakness

  1. What has he done this time?

  2. acquired a kitten

  3. Is it a vicious Siamese or a neurotic Buhrman?

  4. rosemaryhannah

    Cute tabby kitten. It was under sentence of death. There are few in the family in a position to cast aspersions.

  5. I personally feel that to rescue someting at cost and personal difficulty is foolish and will only lead to trouble…alas I can barely remember my previously peaceful life without my two horrors!

  6. rosemaryhannah


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