Frustrated wail

Over the last few weeks it had begun to dawn on me something in my more-or-less-spit-new-laptop was not as it should be. It was baulking at tasks, taking far too long to kick into operation. Turns out the hard drive was on the blink and on Wednesday it keeled over and died. Much help from son-in-law-to-be and I got the details I needed and reported the failure of this under-warranty device to HP, who manufactured it. More phone calls, more ‘if it is a gobble-de-gook, choose button five’ and eventually the promise of a new hard drive.

Realisation that I had only backed up some of the stuff I wanted and frantic trips to Kilmarnock to the computer shop, where they did managed to get everything accessible, but at cost of selling me some kind of external drive. I already have one (though had not used it as much as I should have – fear nothing however, the book was fully backed up)

I was promised the HD on Saturday – it arrived late Tuesday, and on putting it in, it returned yet more error messages. Turns out they should also have sent disks with the OS on them. These will now come from France. They will come in two weeks time.

Meanwhile I dragged out my old lap top. It struggles. It has no card reader, so I will need to search for my camera cables – dear knows where I put them! – It really struggles with ebay which I need for present buying. Its keyboard is faulty, and I need to keep checking it has actually delivered the message I typed, which would be easier if I was not dyslexic.

I do realise this is not a proper blog post – it is a frustrated wail. Still, at least now you know.

So apologies and I will post something more interesting and less exasperated tomorrow.


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