Sensitive liturgists look away

For years, I always knew next Sunday’s reading in the church lectionary. I realise that for many of you reading this, it will not be news that if one is to preach and teach and write based on it, one is well to keep all the rhythms of the readings in mind. What is read this week is well pondered if one might need to speak or write in a fortnight or so.

On occasion I was glad of this sense of flow – sometimes clergy were overwhelmed by misfortunes, or indeed by the impossibility of ferry travel, and I was (I blush to confess it) happy to step up to the plate at very short notice. Indeed on occasion at no notice at all. (Sensitive liturgists should now look away.) I remember one afternoon communion hastily transformed into evensong, and back into a Eucharist just after the sermon, when a disrupted ferry finally delivered a visiting priest very late indeed.

Here, I have really missed all this, so this week’s news made me feel incredibly glad. First of all, the Advent blog is back. If you want regular, if not quite daily, writing and photographs, then drop in on Love Blooms Bright from Sunday. Secondly, a friend now has responsibility for a small magazine, and will likely want me to write for it. There is such a pleasure in once again feeling connected to the church year, not just as a passive observer, but as participant. I hope it is not a sin, because it feels like life itself.


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