A room of one’s own

I do try not to be precious about writing. I try to tackle it in a disciplined way. I do however have my limits. Sadly one if them is that writing by hand kills the whole thing dead. I need a keyboard to think. And comparative quiet.

The break down of my laptop had driven me nuts. Not only do I rely on it for social stuff, fun stuff and DVDs. I rely on it to write. The library computers are efficient. But most are there to enjoy their emails, face book and so on. There is a lot of noise. Not easy background noise, but one-or-two-loud-voices-and-every-detail-of-the-marriage-breakdown voices.

I am reluctant to admit it, but Viirginia Woolfe may have been right all along. A room of one’s own and an on-line spell checker.


One response to “A room of one’s own

  1. I swear the BL is almost as bad at times.

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