Packing stones

I’m still pondering the role of discipline in writing. Currently I have set myself the task of posting twice a week on ‘Love Blooms Bright‘. I’m struggling. The gospel readings are OK and now I don’t have to write in a noisy environment with a time limit I think I may be able to do something with them (or the remaining two!). The OT readings started off sub prime – and I really have not been able to see a way into them. This leaves the epistle, of which the last two have been the most moving of Paul’s letters with most of the best bits left out, the lectionary not having my passion for narrative flow. This has emasculated the enterprise more than somewhat.

The question has been – post something which I do not feel is my best-ever shot, or just write anyhow, and let it be quieter, less profound, and hope it works like packing stones in a dyke. Holding up the general enterprise (in this case a better sense of what is really in the Bible) without much instant appeal. For a variety of reasons (including not having the sense of taking up valuable space which could be better used by others) I have gone for the latter.

This blog post, too, is another packing stone.


3 responses to “Packing stones

  1. Good for you. I’ve not written anything for months. A desert full of people but no words, I’d say. I wrote seven lines yesterday; if it’s to go anywhere I need to be far more disciplined than my post-flu head seems capable of right now. I enjoy reading what you write – find it encouraging, somehow, that there’s someone managing to do it.

  2. You have a distinctive style, even if google-reader didn’t tell me “by rosemaryhannah” at the top. Always amusing trying to see the angle from which you’re realizing the story this time, how you make us a fly on the wall of the cattle-shed or prison cell. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. rosemaryhannah

    Flu is not good – definitely in the category of no-keyboard and noisy libraries.

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