Fings aint wot they used to be

It was a good market, but not a great market. This was the Edinburgh Christmas market. Now, the funny thing is – we write of many cultural experiences – theatre, opera – and we evaluate them. We don’t seem to do that for others. I don’t know why going to a Christmas (or Continental or German) market doesn’t seem to count as a cultural experience, but it doesn’t. For me, you see, it is. It is an entertainment, a joy. I go prepared to have a good day out, to spend money, to eat, drink and immerse myself in a – well – an event, a happening, an installation, almost.

So I report – it was good but not great. Too few stalls (are numbers limited?) and huge numbers of people – you virtually had to queue to see the glass on sale. The glory days of numbers of stalls selling exquisite glass decorations and interesting woodcrafts have passed. Perhaps the current relative stages of pound and euro? You had to queue for a long time to buy a number of foodstuffs. But there were good things. There was a good friend to enjoy it with. There were nice glass and wooden things, and interesting foods. It was a good market. Just not a great market.


3 responses to “Fings aint wot they used to be

  1. Was it in a different venue? I seem to remember being along beside the Wheel and other entertainments as I slurped the Glühwein…

  2. Thank you for our Christmas gift.

  3. rosemaryhannah

    Ah indeed, purchased there. Chris it is sort-of by the big wheel. The Scottish bit is by the big wheel, and the German bit is huddled up near the art galleries. The photo was taken from the wheel.

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