A non driving driver

I hate driving – and it is not something at which I am skilled. Therefore I surprised myself recently. On 22 Dec. the south west of Scotland was hit by heavy snow, and had I had any choice, I would not have driving at all. However I had an essential dental appointment – essential if I was not to spend Christmas in pain. So I headed out, and on my return heaved a sigh of relief as Kilmarnock and well known roads cane into view. The journey form Killie to home is fifteen minutes. Twenty, max. The roundabout was at a standstill. The Hurlford road was grid locked. I came back by devious ways, and was much delayed by the need to out manoeuvre motorists who were getting stuck by not observing the obvious rule that you need momentum to get up snow covered hill roads, and stopping half way up is disaster. I made it to the mouth of my drive. It had taken over two hours.

The following day a huge and ancient suitcase turned into a covered sledge, and in a foot of snow, it took three hours to accomplish a double walk to the road end – 3/4 mile in each direction. Normally, it would take an hour. My neighbours dug my car out, and I was on my way south by the longer and safer route – motorways all the way.

What astonishes me is that I succeeded while all around me, better drivers failed.

Pictures are all on my phone, which is refusing to talk to my laptop – though both have bluetooth. However, don’t get your hopes up – simply beautiful pictures of trees and snow.

Later that day, more snow fell, and the B road off which I live became impassable again.


2 responses to “A non driving driver

  1. With a strong mind you can achieve much.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    It needed oil. My own garage had broken the ring pull on the oil dip stick, and I was in a hurry. I could not find the pliers. I poured in oil with a too generous hand. I set off and had billowing smoke from the exhaust. I am jolly lucky it got me here. I trust it will get me to Bristol, to collect dogs. I hope it survives – it it gets me home I have got away with it, but I have the kind of cover which will get me home anyhow.

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