Yesterday, my own idiocy led to my car breaking down most spectacularly outside a major British city. Yes, I had breakdown cover, but the kindness of the two mechanics who rescued me went far beyond anything money could ever have bought. I know the terms of my policy pretty well. I know I should have been charged for services for which I was not charged. Nothing in my policy suggested that having been uplifted and taken to a garage, I should then be kept in the warm lorry cab because the waiting room, around which wet snow was descending, was chilly.

In due course, I was set on my way, in a restored car, with full instructions as how to deal with any danger signs, and a firm instruction I should ring the service on arrival so they ‘knew I had got there safely’.

It was simple kindness. Delightful, unexpected, restorative. Kindness which has the knock-on effect of improving the whole society.


2 responses to “Simple

  1. so, tell us the gory details. What happened?

    When my car died in stages last year, each of the several AA men were superb.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    It needed oil. My own garage had broken the ring pull on the oil dip stick, and I was in a hurry. I could not find the pliers. I poured in oil with a too generous hand. I set off and had billowing smoke from the exhaust. I am jolly lucky it got me here. I trust it will get me to Bristol, to collect dogs. I hope it survives – it it gets me home I have got away with it, but I have the kind of cover which will get me home anyhow.

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