Daily Archives: January 7, 2010


At places on my holding the snow has drifted deeply, as you can see from that old poser Mace, standing up to his woolly knees in it. He does not have to, and usually he prefers the field at the front, where it is much less deep. The cold does not seem to trouble him or the others – the way all the grass has got covered up does. They are reduced to eating the rushes, which they can knock clean of snow. It keeps them going between feeds. They are not shod, and so the snow does not build up under their hooves. They also have a stable, and can use it any time they want. During the sunlight hours, and we have had wonderful sun during the brief days, it is much warmer outside.

It is ups and downs. I have enjoyed the morning walk to the car, parked at my neighbours, half a mile away, but it makes the days longer. I carry my mobile all the time, just in case I slip and need help. It is stunningly beautiful. I have been freed up from some of the things I would otherwise have felt compelled to do, and could not get to the last customer today – their very long drive is not passable to normal cars. I have got to know some new neighbours, which is very positive, and they can help me get more feed to here if I need to – so my only real worry has evaporated. I long for skis. I give thanks daily that I got the barn roofs sorted when I did. They would most surely collapsed otherwise, causing huge damage. I have seen field markings far more clearly than I could have otherwise. Those below are pretty modern.

I can’t work up the distress over the snow that others do – though I worry about legs, not mine, marauding foxes (nice for them to be well fed, but not my chicken, please). But the sun, and the novelty and perhaps even a little sledging tomorrow, that would be cool. Well below zero cool.