My son, who should have seen the film with me, and could not because he spent his birthday with a feverish cold, pointed out to me that the story telling had many deficiencies, and the script was in places dire. He is, as they say up here, not wrong. Despite this I enjoyed it. What struck me as remarkable, though, was the huge numbers queuing to see a film in which most of the human race was portrayed at venial, brutish and lacking insight. One message of the film was that by and large we have messed it up and it is about time we took it on board that we have much to learn. ‘Learn of the green world what can be thy place’ to (slightly) misapply Pound.

I was astonished and heartened to see so many sit and listen to such a ringing condemnation. How many took it on board? If it was one in ten, I think that is grounds for hope.


One response to “Avatar

  1. Watching it in 3D was fun but the script was not great.

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