About a foot of snow went in twenty four hours went suddenly, felled as though by Aslan, by rain and warm wind. The dogs and I went for a walk – a real walk with big strides. We found these, at first unexplained by eye, though read at once by nose.

It took more examples to tell me what they were – mole tracks. The moles had tunnelled along with the earth below and the snow above. Occasionally, they had tunnelled with a very little earth above.

There are yards and yards of these tunnels. And the great thing is that because no silage is made, the moles are safe. God bless the moles (bet the worms don’t think so.)


6 responses to “Guess

  1. How cool is it to be able to see mole tracks – I love moles

  2. Their skin is very soft but people are against fur these days.

  3. rosemaryhannah

    They are- who is this to wind up -Kimberly or Kenneth?

  4. No one; it is my new year’s resolution to channel more Marlene into my life.

  5. It’s Molly (not I) who wants in on the chase. She liked moles, especially in winter: good for a quick romp around the rectory, a self-congratulatory purr, then (once I’d found my slippers, and the mousing gloves & towel) I made a quick trip outside and we were back to bed in no time.

    But if you think I’m about to let her (or you) skin one of those poor bewildered creatures…

  6. rosemaryhannah

    I dunno that Marlene was that into moles, but I’m sure cats are. Schmeekins is probably actually channelling his inner Siamese.

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