Feminist issue?

Neither my dearest friends nor my worst enemies have ever suggested I was much of a feminist. But I do wonder if these shoes, these beautiful Doc Marten boots, represent a feminist issue.

I was buying nice-but-sensible boots, when I saw them, in the sale, and my heart left my chest in one bound. I wanted them, but, oh but, I was too old for them. Now here comes the feminism. Do men ever get too old for clothes, for shoes? I think not. Any man who wishes can wear whatever gender-appropriate and decent clothing he wishes. I don’t think ties or boots, or tops ever become too young. But it is otherwise for women. I have the legs for these boots, but not the face for them.

If only I could have convinced myself 110% it really was a feminist issue, perhaps I could have bought them. I failed. I comfort myself with the very nice boots I did buy.


14 responses to “Feminist issue?

  1. Er, yes. Blokes’ clothing does come with taste-induced age-restrictions too. Just think of suits – white or cream can only be worn by young scoundrels and thick green woollen suits by olde country gents. I can’t think of any octogenarians still wearing daffy-duck-patterned ties either, unfortunately.

  2. Oh go back and buy them and I shall covet from afar. I LOVE these DMs. Never too old to wear them.

  3. rosemaryhannah

    ‘And I said/What? In these shoes?’

  4. rosemaryhannah

    Oh ‘eck Ruth – I’ve been and gone and bought them!

  5. rosemaryhannah

    We must have have a pink shoe fest at Bread and Bloggers. Can we tempt Wonderful Exchange or Father K to join in this? Alas that Shmeekins will not be there!

  6. rosemaryhannah

    Tim, I think any man can wear the right cream suit – think sort of ‘Our man in Havana’ with a Panama hat. And I know for a fact a very trendy youngish bloke has a most covertable green tweed suit. It is the cut, I think, which transforms.

  7. Rosmeary, I can’t possibly speak for Father Kirstin, but I shall be in black shoes or purple slippers. (though I do have a new pair of very shiny purple wellies)

  8. rosemaryhannah

    Purple wellies might well cut it, I feel.

  9. rosemaryhannah

    @Tim – on mature reflection I think on older men the cream needs to be more creased.

  10. Sooooo glad you bought them. Temptation is not always to be resisted, and I can’t see that it’s anything other than joyous to wear pink boots at A Certain Age – or any other age, come to that. Now, Fr Thurible in pink boots – there would be a thing!

  11. I thoroughly enjoy giving in to temptation. I look forward to seeing you in you boots. Men do have it easier when it comes to ageing and clothes, though are not immune to it.

  12. I’m glad you went and bought them! But I have to agree with Tim that there are age issues with men’s clothes as well. But far fewer and far more easily navigable.

  13. indeed jeggings are a definate no on any bloke who is out of his teens (and IMHO a no anytime).

  14. rosemaryhannah

    I’ve never seen this and don’t want to – more gender bias than one might thing still then ……

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