Guilt, remorse and picking up the pieces.

It was not a good day, and it leaves me asking what is the best way to face guilt, remorse and picking up the pieces.

At Uni we were firmly taught not to teach people to feel guilty. ‘Don’t make the whole sick!’ they said.

Which is fine until you arrive at a situation where you have messed it up big time and need to tackle the situation. It seems to me that remorse is an appropriate response to some situations. Remorse, being sorry for mistakes, is part of a desire to put things right.

Yet nobody wants anybody to be disabled by regrets. Sage advice would be, I suppose, to deal with particular issues and move on. This works when issues are the kind of simple thing which can be dealt with. Never to park on a double yellow line again kind of thing. Hard, hard when it is in fact criticism of how the whole person confronts reality.


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