Of air and angels

Following a couple of references in Kelvin’s head, I have been thinking of angels. I know the popular image, which is a beautiful or statuesque human figure, winged. Mildly intimidating, perhaps, but not terrifying.

My own angel, the person I think of when one says ‘angel’ is truly terrifying. He really would need to start by saying: Do not be afraid. He is blue and green with tremendous scaly wings. He breathes fire. But he comes to protect and with good news. I suspect a good deal of the anger I find it so hard to control and to channel is blessed in him. He is Michael. Here is a picture of him. It is not a very good picture, but stained glass is difficult.

That’s right. The angel is the scaly one. Plainly the arrogant poser in white is Lucifer – the light carrier. From the very beginning Michael defended human kind, and especially the People of God. He has in fact spend most of his time hanging around guarding people, a time consuming and tedious job. I like to believe that it was while doing this he invented nail varnish. If you could see him better you would see how beautiful his nails are. It is a permanent blessing to bored women.

Play, you see, is the way into serious things. Play and hanging about.


4 responses to “Of air and angels

  1. rosemaryhannah

    Here is a link to him looking more himself, the second photo down. It is just before he exercised a bit of righteous anger and turned on Lucifer. I think the glass is by Lonsdale. http://stpaulsrothesay.wordpress.com/photos/

  2. Lovely post – helping to keep me from packing for a holiday. (Love holidays; hate preparations)

  3. I do like that window but I prefer St Columba preaching to the Picts.

  4. rosemaryhannah

    Columba is a more ‘even’ piece. I think the scaly person is sublime, but the figure in white is – well not so. All of the Columba is good.

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