Fisher of frogs

I don’t have a blasted oak, but I do have a blasted ash. It is currently the default post of a solitary heron while she is resting. It gives a good vantage point – and possibly a chance to warm the feet, though herons must have arrangements to enable them to tolerate cold feet. She spends her working hours fishing in my pond. To be more accurate, she spends her time frogging in my pond.

The mud at the bottom is a winter hibernating place for some of my frogs. She is searching for them. Occasionally I see a hapless leggy form in silhouette before it is turned to a convenient position and swallowed. I never quite know whether to rejoice at the grace and intelligence of the heron or to mourn for the frog.


One response to “Fisher of frogs

  1. Or in the process of both rejoicing and mourning, enjoy nature ticking over as it ought anyway.

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