Age Appropriate

As you see, I have a great weakness for hooded tops. Most of mine were passed on to me by male family members. However, recently I fell into temptation and bought a much-reduced one. It is quite fabulous. The body is lined with acrylic fur. The arms are thickly padded. It has a zip, so can be taken on and off without other clothes attempting to follow it. It is very warm and extremely comfortable. As I hoped, it is respectable and new enough to be worn in public.

The other night I was wearing it and driving home when a bunch of lads, skylarking caused me to purse my lips old lady style as I took action to avoid running them over. Then the horrid truth dawned. The chief lad was wearing an ‘Outrage’ hoodie. We were identically dressed.


4 responses to “Age Appropriate

  1. I am sure he would be equally horrified by your attire – how very entertaining for you.

  2. Mutton dressed as lamb!

  3. rosemaryhannah

    Mutton dressed as ram.

  4. ‘mutton dressed as ram’ might just stick, you know.

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