Really religious

When a girl posted asking for prayers for her aunt, she wanted them despite the fact she was not ‘really religious’ which has had those of us who are almost certainly within the category wondering just what she meant.

What, dear readers, makes you think somebody is ‘really religious’ – which beliefs, or practises?


4 responses to “Really religious

  1. I’d’ve thought regularity of practice?

    Oh, and let’s get started on the nitty-gritty obvious questions: how do you know the bishop in question has prayed for you? Why a bishop, as some kind of celebrity cult as though one’s parent praying for one wouldn’t have the same effect? What model of prayer does this assume and how viable is it? Will the generic supplications be met with equally generic responses? Etc…

  2. rosemaryhannah

    Ah, the C of E project is a whole other question, isn’t it? I’m more interested in ideas of what makes one really religious – so, for you, it is orthopraxy?

  3. Hmm. Thought: get a “celebrity” to pray for you. Now *that* would be a project.

    Orthopraxy (understood as living & doing in an “orthodox” way, the point being that is also how one preaches) doesn’t really define being religious for me, no. Sure it’s desirable – it makes for a healthy society and greater individual integrity – but could one not be an atheist and also fit those criteria?

    I think regularity of attendance is a good definition: it comes in strong and weak forms, of course, as one who attends irregularly for the sake of a superficial darkening of the door, or for a deep involvement in the rituals (sense=good, of course) of the religion.

  4. I think being not really religious suggests a leaning towards the values of a (or several religions), possibly an enjoyment of aspects of the rituals and traditions (maybe linked with childhood memories etc), but not signing up to the whole kit and caboodle of the religion(s)’s beliefs. I.e. maybe not believing in God, but thinking that love thy neighbour is a pretty useful way to live life.

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