After church I had lunch with one of my friends who sews. We just popped into an Asian fabric shop to see what they had. Fifteen minutes later, I exited, over-excited, with the fabulous fabric you can see above. It is a jacquard weave between black and russet with the beads and sequins, and will make a shift dress, and the plain will make a jacket to go over it. The whole lot for less than the cost of a jacket from Next. I just hope my son was not secretly hoping I would turn up in a down-played outfit. I hope it will be both elegant and drop dead spectacular. I know it will resist small sticky fingers, as it is virtually uncrushable.


6 responses to “Un-Lenten

  1. Fabulous! But . . . I’m confused, is it un-Lenten becuase it’s red?

  2. rosemaryhannah

    Just the utter self indulgence of buying such fabulosity…..

  3. Ah, well, yes, that, but surely bringing your custom to a local shop is an act of solidarity with the community and therefore virtuous and appropriately Lenten?

  4. rosemaryhannah

    Golly gosh Elizabeth, you should go in for Spiritual Direction!

  5. Un-lenten indeed, but very pretty and will surely make a lovely outfit.

  6. One does one’s best. 🙂

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