… one more step

I found myself humming the corny, dated and yet, to me, always touching ‘One more step along the world I go’ tonight. This is A Good Sign, as the authors of ‘1066 and All That’ would have said if they had thought of it. When I am really down I can tell because I can’t sing it (Happy Thought: Having it at my funeral, that much planned clergy-torturing event, would be highly appropriate and hopefully wind them up somewhat 😉 )

The reason for this glee was finally sorting out a contract to re-roof the cottage. Yes, gentle reader, finally.

You will remember that a roofer with a face by Rembrandt, came and kindly removed slates from the barn. Warned that nails would be fatal to my horses, he promised to keep them off the ground. Well, I have already picked up over 500 for the area he worked on. So he got ruled out.

I am happy to report that the tin roof man with the face from Durer did a wonderful job. As one would expect from Durer.

I have a quotation from another roofer, who comes recommended, and whose face is by Alan Ramsey, I think. I believe Ramsey is probably to be trusted. It is a huge relief to have found a realistic quotation from a probably reliable roofer. So it’s from the old I travel to the new…


2 responses to “… one more step

  1. you’ve got me humming it too now – I’m not sure that isn’t a crime worthy of Gregory’s attention!

  2. Father Andrew Crosbie

    It must be roofs time. I returned today to find that the zink covering the kitchen ridge has blown off. Luckily most of us around here are related and I have someone not too distantly related who does roofs. He arrived quickly to look at the problem and the plan is to fix it over the weekend. Sadly me thinks you are too far away from us folk in upper Nithsdale or I would send him to you

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