A nice quiet day

I love the weekends, and the sense of my own time, stretching out. Now I am not so tied to the Big Biography my usual pattern of Saturday has changed. It used to go sleep until 8.30, get up, walk dogs, feed ponies, breakfast over the internet, start work at 10 on the Big Biography, and (and this was the exciting bit) have real coffee and a Kit-kat while still working on the book at 11am. I kind-of miss it. When the house is more sorted, I hope to get back to it.

I was away the last two weekends. Therefore today is to be a nice quite day. All I have to do is: re-plant broad beans (sadly all the autumn sowing died in winter frosts. Next year I need to sow them in mid October as the latest) plant parsnips, plant 50 small willow cuttings which are to provide cut wood for fires in time, and give them an electric fence. Create a small acid garden for my camellias and heathers. Catch up on mucking out the hard standing outside.

Set up the new Henry – I put off buying him because as an economy I bought a Samsung cylinder. Half way round my living room and it needs emptied, and by the end of one room the filter is hopelessly clogged and needs washed, and then dried, which takes a day. Last week I contemplated the coming building upheaval, and decided the path to maturity was to admit a mistake made, and buy an infallible, indestructible Henry. Vacuum at least the living room, dust and tidy, and wash floors. Hopefully quell some of the chaos in the kitchen, which currently also doubles as a storage area until things can be unpacked post-improvements. Catch up on the washing, and take advantage of a good drying day. Tidy summer bedroom, and move back into it, now the worst of the cold weather is over.

Crochet at least two squares for the Amazing Technicolour Dream Blanket, for my shortly-to-arrive grandson. Watch ‘Hamlet’ on DVD.

So you see, a really nice quiet day.


One response to “A nice quiet day

  1. There is a Domestic Goddess lurking in all of us.

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