Numbers visiting this blog are a little – irregular. Undoubtedly what keeps them up best is regular posts. Sometimes a new blog post comes as sweetly and easily as – er … something or other.

Other times I am struggling for words. Today, for instance. What to blog about. This morning the rare pleasure of a ride out with my son, as usual encouraging me to push my comfort zone a bit. Then turning the ponies into the big field for a few hours. There is new grass on a very wet field, and I don’t want them to have too much, or to churn it up with their feet.

Lunch, then a trip to the local ice cream ‘factory’ outlet. Misnomer, really. Two deep freezes at the local farm which does make very good ice cream – we got three different litres for under a tenner, and agreed that the coffee was superb, the tablet (a superior kind of fudge for southern readers) very good and the Fruits of the Forest hardly fruity at all. We returned with our indulgent purchases and flushed with a virtuous sense of having supported the local economy. This will guarantee that we do not gain weight. We hope.

But I have nothing to blog over.


One response to “Blogging

  1. You have and you did. The thought of locally made ice cream made my mouth water! Do you like Susan Hill’s work. If you haven’t read “Howard’s End is on the Landing” I think you should. It’s a delightful autobiography interlaced with literary review of the greats from Austen to Dickens to – well you name it – and she does.

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