Another day, another builder

Face by Ramsey, and unresponsive to my best jokes. I find it hard to know what to do when jokes raise not a flicker of a smile. I have two more builders coming to quote and then I quit. I fear running out of painters (joke, though I know that you, gentle reader, do not need this kind of help).

The bad news is that I will need a macerator, a Saniflo, in order to have an upstairs en suit because there is not enough head room or manoeuvre room to fit a shower over the other bathroom. It will need to be at the other end of the house. I have sourced a reasonably priced Saniflo, but I grudge the loss of space in my bedroom. I also have no idea where I will then put my wardrobe, which also needs the head room only offered by the apex of my roof/ceiling. Is it better to put my wardrobe in the guest room, or to put the en suite in the guest room?

Better question, gentle reader – why on earth should I imagine this interests anybody but me?


7 responses to “Another day, another builder

  1. As you know mootles my wardrobes are in the guest room, which is generally used by me as a laundry room. The only annoyance will be if you mainly get washed on a different floor – as then you’ll always have two piles of clothes. I never get dressed/changed in the bedroom that way I keep a handle on the number of places I can leave piles of laundry.

  2. I’d put the wardrobe in the guest room – just remember to take out what you might want first thing in the morning if you have a guest! But an en-suite is surely only luxurious if it’s right there when you need it (sorry!) I sometimes ponder the thought of putting one in my walk-in bedroom cupboard, but shrink at the thought of what would happen to contents of same.

  3. Bea and I judge by the same criteria, but come to opposite decisions. clothes = mess = bedroom in my book. Wardrobe in the next room would me that I’d make a mess of both rooms, whereas the bathroom is easy to sort…

  4. Rosemary Hannah

    I have the gloomy conviction that I could quite easily make a total mess in the spare room whether it was clothes or bathroom. Could and would. I would so have liked a solution which involved all the mess in my own room.

    It would be nice to give guests their own en suit – and not to have to invade to get garments. It would also be nice to have my own bathroom in my own bedroom.

    Sighs. Weekend builder has failed to show.

  5. Rosemary Hannah

    Bea is a very very tidy person. She also has the admirable quality of doing things which need done when they need done, not later, especially in terms of housework.

  6. I fear mootles I am far from tidy, I just hate looking at mess – so I stuff it in the guest bedroom, which I don’t spend much time in, my bedroom is a tip at the moment though, as it needs to be finished – once I can paint again I will be able to sand, fill, sand, paint, sand, cry, sand, paint etc.

  7. rosemaryhannah

    This is the difference of technique – I strip, rage, drink coffee, play computer games, fill, sand, paint, rage, drink coffee, play computer games, etc. hence I only get half as much done.

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