One by one

Last Friday we drove up the hill, and a solitary swallow was sitting on the telephone line. She dived and swooped and flew through the buildings, and I hoped there were enough insects for her. The exceptional cold of winter and another bitter snap just as life was stirring has knocked the numbers of insects down a lot. I have been especially grieved at the shortage of bumble bees, which last year were everywhere you looked by April. And there is something melancholy in a single swallow.

Mid week, another arrived. Then, this Friday, another. Three. I am hoping for more to arrive yet as last year they arrived over at least a three week period. Nationally, numbers of these summer migrants fall steadily all the time. Last year I had five pairs.

I am also concerned over my frogs – lots of spawn was laid and then came the deluge. You can’t drown frog spawn but it does sweep away. I am trusting that though it is not very visible, some is even now maturing into taddies. But I can’t see it. I keep hoping.


3 responses to “One by one

  1. We’ve seen several bumble bees in our garden – we have two big clumps of heather in flower.

  2. Loads of massive bumble bees down here – they are visiting my daffs.

    fingers x for the tadpoles

  3. rosemaryhannah

    I am delighted to see, in among the bulbs you gave me, that I have lots of Cheerfulness, which has been since childhood a very special narcissus to me. It is not out yet, but is unmistakable. The plain yellows are out, and the irises have been superb, though now also over.

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