A real old master

Today another builder showed – certainly more personality than the last three put together. He comes pre-recommended by my BTO acquaintances. I think, by Franz Hals.

He is a bit of a tyrant – he won’t let me do anything myself. He may well be too expensive. He has a sense of humour. But he appears rational. He realises that what one wants to do and what one can do are very different things. He is adamant that the en suit must go into the guest room to have reasonable access to drainage and to electricity. He provided a sketch map to show where the twin beds could go, and all the plumbing. It was an uphill job to convince him I would, at least, buy the bathroom suit and the downstairs flooring. He certainly was taking into account everything, including waterproofing under the bathroom. He let me have my cork tiles, somewhat grudging admitting they were a good idea. He is going to bring up an itemised quotation, both for taking out my existing floors and going on top of them. I think on balance he favours the on top solution as being adequate. We agreed the rubble would stay here for road mending. I think this is also a good idea, though I need to designate a site for its storage.

I had taken him for a vigorous fifty eight – but it turns out he is ten years older. These old masters wear well.


One response to “A real old master

  1. This seems very promising.

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