Driving home.

Good bye – good bye – small Angus who will be changed beyond recognition before I see him again.
Dogs, car – Tesco, fruit, veg, petrol, brie.
North -leaving leaving behind. Passing junctions to loved places. Leaving, leaving.
Rain and traffic and dirt and spray, and driving and driving.
Popping bread into my mouth, and strawberries, and crawling traffic past roadworks.
And dirt, and still leaving.
Birmingham – last of the known territories.
And a break. Coffee and internet. And dogs walked, and watered, and time alarmingly gone.
And on and on and traffic less than a crawl. Dog sighs.
I sigh. I try further from the steering wheel and my shoulder aches. Nearer and my left leg cramps.
And now the traffic moves, walking speed, running speed, pauses, and lets us head off bicycle speed.
And now it is city car speed, and then country road, and then, at last, we spread out.
Motorway speeds, slow ones.
And it is still leaving, and my thoughts of son and daughter and grand son.
The furies of modern life still drive me on. The kindly ones of self fulfilment, independence.
And then the light changes, and the road opens up. Watch the speed limit.
And petrol, and on, and on. And Scotland, and suddenly, I am arriving.
I am driving home.
Are the beloved ones at home well? Are the geese picking on the hens?
I want to get home. I want to arrive.
I want peace and green.
The rain comes down in torrents, and blinds me, and clears.
And the road is spray and then blinding bright, and my head aches.
And then astonishingly, I am bumping up my own track.
And it is green and sweet, and the ponies are all well, and Martha is fat,
And despite all the love left behind, this is home.


4 responses to “Driving home.

  1. This is a lovely post, and I know those feelings so well!

  2. Schmeekins

    Martha is very cute and will taste even better.

  3. rosemaryhannah

    Thanks Chris.

    As you well know Martha is destined foor the life of a breeding ewe. We never fail to rise to him, do we!

  4. Schmeekins

    She’s good and tubby, she’ll have lots of meat.

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