Re vision

A woman’s lovely touch has been left right out of me. I do not have any ability with furnishings and fabrics and artfully-placed flowers. I tend to yearn for more masculine improvements like a wood-worm free attic (done) and dry walls (still to do). There is however an exception. Floors. Over the months I have drooled over stone floors, and parquet floors and wood floors.

It turns out my choice is somewhat limited and for the sake of economy and rationality I need to have floorboards. Something durable and splendid, a worthy successor to all the dreams of perfect floors. In the end the choice came down to pitch pine and Canadian Redwood. Both of these were recycled, re-sawn timber. Floorboards which have been lifted are a devil to re-lay – too much damage. Re-sawn timber is different. It is taken from beams and joists which come out of demolished buildings and structures. It is given a new life by being re-cut into floorboards. It allows one to have timber which conscience would otherwise bar.

I was yearning for pitch pine, but I requested a sample of the Redwood from another company. It was substantially cheaper, and this restoration needs to run to a budget if it is to be done at all. At first sight I did not warm to it at all but I put it on the floor. I then pushed off for a decadent weekend elsewhere. At intervals I bemoaned the fact that it was the Redwood which was the cheaper timber, and sang the praises of pitch pine. When I came back, there was the Redwood. And I saw it with new eyes. Going about my work I kept looking at it and thinking how really splendid it was. What a handsome colour and so beautifully grained. I suddenly realised that it was what I really truly wanted.

This morning I carefully re-measured the house floor area, and finding to my relief I made it just what the builder had made it, I rang up and ordered my Redwood. It will come in about three weeks. It is a more-than-worthy fulfilment of the months of day dreaming. All I needed to do was to abandon what I thought I wanted and see what was there.


3 responses to “Re vision

  1. Schmeekins

    It will be nice for you to have flooring.

  2. Hurrah! (said she of the shabby wooden flooring)

  3. Oooo Redwood floors! Sounds absolutely lovely. Looking forward to photographs in time.

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