Bosch and Sergant

Yesterday a bloke who fixes central heating arrived. I re-christened him Hieronymus Bosch. I have found this renaming of potential contractors after famous artists a great help. It tells me something about them, and also acts as a mnemonic. Or rather, it tells me something I already know about them. It lets me see my own understanding.

Despite his originality I very much doubt Mr Bosch will be working for me, the more so as he told me he was not a charity, causing me to wonder just how unreasonable his charges are. Time for another estimate, methinks.

Despite some misgivings I have asked Sargent to carry out the work on floors and walls for me. Technical mastery, I am sure, although a deal of modern briskness, I suspect.


2 responses to “Bosch and Sergant

  1. Oh well, in that case, yesterday I had a visit from Mantegna who is going to flush my system. I can’t wait.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    That IS a lot of drama, taken all in all.

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