… all silver white

The wild-flowers in Ayrshire this year seem far more spectacular than last. I am pretty sure it is not my imagination. For a start there are many primroses, and I know I looked hard for them last year and did not see any. Then there are the marsh marigolds – they were here last year but not in the profusion I am finding this year. They are one of the flowers which really cheer the heart, and they are in massive drifts this year. There are many violets, too. But they are all capped by the drifts of ladies smocks. Shakespeare put them in a song with ‘daisies pied’ and adds a cuckoo (to taunt married men. He is not good at keeping sex out of things, Shakespeare. Sad he found it the expense of spirit in a waste of shame.) I even have the cuckoo.

No this photo does not do justice to the field that was silver and purple and pink with them and if I get sunshine I will try again. Meantime, imagine.


One response to “… all silver white

  1. glad the fields are blossoming – maybe the hard winter helped? Here the May is nearly over but still spectacular in some places

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