I freely admit I have stolen this idea from Kelvin’s head. People go there looking for posts on baptism. They come to mine looking for asparagus.

I posted a couple of times last year on my baby asparagus, grown from seed, and am happy to report that they come through the winter fine. It was less fortunate that I had no sooner established them outside in a trough than ‘something’ scratched them up. Re-planted it turned out I had only lost a couple of them They are tough cookies indeed.

This is as well, for it turns out they are my totemic vegetable.

Most people have one totemic animal. I have one friend for whom it is owls, and another has bats. I was discussing this with her, and she commented ruefully that while most people have just one totemic animal, I have several (pigs, horses, dogs and sheep head the list). Then I have totemic fictional animals (dragons and now brass eagles). Then I have totemic birds (curlew, turkeys).

It never occurred to me until recently that I am so given to totems that I have acquired totemic vegetables. Asparagus. Good thing it IS the asparagus, because Puddy Em has killed all but one of the globe artichokes by using their trough for an out-door cat litter tray (for the times when coming in would inconvenience her).


5 responses to “Asparagus

  1. I can’t help but feel that all this post is short of is a video of the asparagus actually growing…

  2. rosemaryhannah

    a – that was a quick reply
    b- that is a comment worthy of schmeekins
    c -by all means feel free to set up the time-lapse camera, I would enjoy it.

  3. Schmeekins

    It would be Schmeekin’s brother-in-law who would suggest such a thing. Maybe a photo? I remember in my youth when JTB aka Hermione did a similar thing to my fuchsia. I also remember when she growled with affection.

  4. indeed puddy m never growls with affection….sigh

  5. I could imagine watching a video of asparagus growing.

    Indeed, we could offer it to the Church & Society board for they synod video slot on the environment.

    (I want pictures too: but preferably when it goes to seed and is all frondy)

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