Ever since my new hair cut I have been grumbling quietly that the new cut would NOT lie flat. My hair was so fly away. It was only when my new bottle of conditioner passed by accident into the very small range of the focus of my eyes without glasses, that I finally saw what was written on the label. Of course I am usually blind in the shower, where my conditioner lives, because I take my glasses off before stepping in. My new conditioner is shampoo. All I can say in self defence was that I took it off a shelf marked ‘conditioner.’ Since I have been applying it ever more lavishly it is of course small wonder my hair refused even rudimentary obedience.

When filling in forms I am often asked if I consider myself disabled, and on the occasions I reply: ‘Yes’ I do so because I am thinking of my dyslexia which definitely limits my choices of rubbish jobs. It appears I have another hidden disability!


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