Why blog?

Colleagues today were mildly amazed that anybody should blog – they felt that it perhaps indicated ‘should get out more’ (quite possibly true in my case) and ‘should work harder’ (not true of any blogger I know).

Blogging to me seems an occupation of the workaholic, the person who simply finds it hard to switch off altogether, and finds it easier to be doing something as they step away from the day’s activities, and into the real rest of a book, or a computer game, or music, or whatever occupies the time between ending work and sleeping.

It is of course, also often the outlet of the compulsive communicator. Probably the compulsive introverted communicator, who feels they have had more than enough of having to make the split-second judgements that real conversation calls for, but who still wants to lash the day into some kinds of patterns of sense.


3 responses to “Why blog?

  1. Compulsive communicator – yes. And just a touch of Edwin Morgan’s “accursed recorder”!

  2. And let us not forget the extrovert attention-seeker.

  3. Why indeed.

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