Dragons, and other angels

I have been busy with practical business this summer. First the house, then my outfit for my son’s wedding. I have enjoyed all of it, but it has left a side of myself feeling a bit thwarted. You might thing one book still desperately seeking a publisher would be enough to make one give up, but it is not.

The first prompting was the creative hairdresser. The next was an excellent video clip of a graphic artist (hat tip Kimberly) which had me thinking of more allusive possible ways of illustrating a book, and of the need for books bridging the gap between child and adult. Books which work on several levels. A title for this possible book came to me. It is, Dragons, and other angels. Then the sermon this morning, which ended with a short extract from a bible story.

This should have had me rushing back to a formula which I know I can do, but it did not. The brass eagle, who I have made into an icon of John’s angel symbol, stared beadily at me, and I found myself thinking about angels.

The trouble is, I don’t know if I can do it – I do not know how to pitch the story, or how to tell it, so that children can follow it, and it has enough layers for adults. I would be wiser to go back to bible stories. But I don;t have a clear idea for a book there, and I do for the angels. And I hope angels will prove able to cast a wider net. We shall see.


2 responses to “Dragons, and other angels

  1. do the angels. You already know all that you need for it. Just write.

    I’ve been thinking about what to do for Michaelmas, if you need a deadline and audience…

  2. Rosemary Hannah

    Oh, my beloved, nail-painting, wonderful angry Michael.

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