Mutton, dressed

There is do doubt that I love clothes and like (when not in the home dress of jods and jumper, or the work dress of inexpensive jeans and T shirt) to dress up a bit. I do not warm to clothes generally intended for my age group. A friend commented recently that she had thought my choice for a BBQ (rather a dressy one) of chiffon tunic blouse, jeans and my beloved shocking pink patent Doc Marten’s required chutzpah, which had not occurred to me, since I feel chiffon (unless for meeting the Queen) requires something to give it a bit of an edge.

I did restrain myself from wearing footless tights to my son’s wedding.

However usually I make most of my clothes, which seems to provide a bit of a breaking system. I need to find the pattern, suitable cloth and also suitable time. At the moment, it is very plain that suitable time is lacking. I have a ‘Reader’ to compile, work on the presentation of my book to finish, and a story telling session to prepare. When that is done I need to take out the fireplace, summon the joiner, plumb in an upstairs shower-room, clear the kitchen, and …. You get the message. Dressmaking, however enticing, is off the menu.

So I have been buying, a novel experience for me. Oh Dear. You see the restraints of think of how long it will take, and how to find the material are not there. Frankly, on ebay you can buy almost anything for 25 squid. Or less. I certainly paid less for the really charming green velvet and lace skirt. It is stunning. If I am ever needed an an extra in an amateur production of ‘Elf’ I will be sure to wear it.


5 responses to “Mutton, dressed

  1. I am not a fan of footless tights and many should be told that they are not trousers.

  2. I no longer have any idea what is in fashion…I am just grateful if I find something vaguely clean that will do up. Guzzle on the otherhand always looks fab!

  3. You’ll at least keep Social Services at bay that way.

  4. My worry is always whether or not I can get into something and am comfortable. It’s called being a) overweight and b) lazy!

  5. rosemaryhannah

    Freda, allow me to suggest a lovely green skirt – into which you will get and in which you will be comfortable. No? I thought not.

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