On the pull

I would have made a terrible prostitute. For a number of reasons, you understand, conservative morality being high on the list. But among them being that every time a man drove past me, I would have taken the rejection personally.

Currently my nice agent is hawking my book around publishers. It is all happening terribly fast. Actually I would have quite liked a little time to digest events. What is actually happening is that rejections come in rather speedily. Each one I take to heart.

Idiotically, I feel most hurt by the suggestion the book has too many footnotes. Sigh. Well, what’s a girl to do? It is such a huge no-no to leave anything unattributed in the world of academe. Of course, I could very simply lose them. But footnotes did not stop the Duchess of Devonshire being a smash hit.

Oh dear, should I abandon my reputation in the gutter?


4 responses to “On the pull

  1. No, Rosemary, stick with it. Each rejection is gall and wormwood, I know, but the publishing world is like that, I’m afraid. Good luck!

  2. when you write sentences like your starter, how could publishers not love you?

  3. rosemaryhannah

    The short answer would appear to be ‘Quite easily’. But thanks, both you and Eamonn. I have removed all ‘Ibid’s – which helps a bit. I admit I am very down about the Big Biography. Of course, in 15 years of writing it, I learned a lot about writing. I write much better now, I think, than I did at the start (which is why I totally re-wrote the first chapter at the end). But my skill is not really as a writer – it is as a forth teller. The opening is just true. My ability is to see it as it is and tell it as it is.

    This is why, despite longing for some kind of status in the church (my real yearning is for the diaconate) I have never sought it. I have always feared that at some crucial moment I would open my mouth and tell it exactly as it is. The ability to see the Emperor with no clothes is a double-edged sword.

  4. Maybe that ability is precisely what the Church needs.

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