Talk among yourselves

I’m frantically busy – and not much time to blog.

Here is something for you to talk about to keep things going. (I admit I have stolen this idea). What songs/hymns/carols are so terrible you would eat your own liver rather than sing them? Possibly the two I hate worst are ‘All things bright and beautiful’ and ‘Once in royal David’s city’ (which is fine till it gets to the meek and mild stuff.) But what really jams your shutter?


10 responses to “Talk among yourselves

  1. anything even vaguely happy clappy – seriously bring back ‘yeild not to temptation’. Oh and I have a strong distrust of all donkeys so I guess ‘little donkey’ is out for me. Baby Guzzle has a deep love of ‘stand up for jesus’, and does regularly.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    I like ‘Yield not to temptation’ I LOVE ‘oh come to my heart Lord Jesus, there is room in my heart for Thee.’

    I probably love St M’s for the wrong reasons. They include the occasional choice of hymns form my Yoof. And the brass eagle.

    (Are you reading, Kelvin??)

  3. “We plough the fields and scatter …”
    “King of Glory, King of Peace” – the tune as much as the words.

    BTW – I loved your Michael story in “Inspires”. Thank you!

  4. Make me a channel of your peace. (Because it so often becomes a dirge.)

  5. I remember a lot of dirge from the AMR book particularly the hymns during communion. I never liked For the Beauty of the Skies (the first line if not the title) that our erstwhile organist was very fond of and the truly dreadful one that went Pouring you’re love and goodness in pause Jesus Christ. There were some good ones in the AMR. I liked Love Divine and the Easter hymns in general.

  6. Lord of the Dance does it for me. Cringe.
    Like you All Things Bright and Beautiful and I will do anything to persuade families at funerals that it goes on for hours and is awful.

    I had O come to my heart Lord Jesus at my leaving service. Always makes me shed a tear.

  7. Schmeekins I remember the one – Lord Jesus Christ you are one of us etc etc…it was a bit verging on happy clappiness…I loathe sining psalms as the tunes seem totally random and very dirgey.

  8. Psalms aren’t the same if they’re not sung.

  9. Why were offertory hymns always so blimmin dreadful in our youth schmeekins? I wonder if they are any better. I can’t remember a single good one.

  10. They were always slow and droned on and few could sing well which can’t have helped.

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