Angels, dancing

Over at Kelvin’s blog, somebody seeking to suggest that a view was rather unreal and precious enquired after the number of angels who could dance on the head of a pin.

Bluntly, I thought the question more interesting than the rather heavy-going and literalistic discussion under way. (But then I make the radical assumption that Jesus was no fool at all, and a very good story-teller, and really rather sophisticated. This means I can allow him to make intelligent points.)

But I was interested in the question of the angels. They do not have physical bodies as we understand physics of course. So, for me the answer is:

Every angel in creation can, if it embraces all other angels, flowing into them, dance together on the head of a pin. Together embraced they are infinitely small.

Or, if you prefer, none. Any angel, being creature of such stature and magnitude, is so huge that no pin could support it.

The answer lies in which aspect of its reality the angel and angels would choose to show you.

And I am more interested in this than in the folly of supposing the Son of God was a pedestrian plodder.


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