Jack in the box

It was eight days ago when the presence of a new Jack-in-the-box began to make itself felt. I was cleaning at the time – that is, I was at work in somebody else’s house. I could not stop off and do anything about it. For me, a Jack is the new idea for a story. Not just an idea, to be played with, but the pressing urgent presence of a story, pushing on the lid of the box, trying to get out.

I know from expereince that just how I release the lid will change the nature of the story. Not all of them come out cleanly, and although a good deal of polishing is possible, indeed usual, just how Jack launches himself matters.

Then the next day, an unprecedented thing happened. Another Jack turned up, equally insistent. Well, time and chance happens to us all, and due to an unfortunate series of events (to be recounted later, perhaps) the Jacks could not be released until today.

And today I am a bit tired for Jacks – but still, they are clamouring. So I think I will just have to take the chance. And here it goes… and I wonder what surprise will be inside. For I never know the real story until it erupts onto the screen.


4 responses to “Jack in the box

  1. Looking forward to hearing more about the Jacks in boxes.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    Well, both Jacks have burst out. The first is about Luke’s Unjust Judge – I had a clergy friend here the weekend before last and we had a great time discussing this, and found an interesting article on ‘Text This Week’ which suggested reading the widow as God, clamouring for justice. If ‘Inspires’ does not go with this, I’ll stick it on here.

    The other is a Christmas piece, as ‘Inspires’ editor wanted a bridge between Advent when the mag. comes out and Christmas. I think this will be used. It is much more for children – though it is not billed as a piece for children – it is much lighter and rather whimsical, I think. Last year, I wrote an account of the angels-and-shepherds from the view of a shepherd (Burnt Porridge) and this year, one of the Angelic Host gets to describe it. If the mag. does go with the Judge, I will put it on here for Christmas Eve – in fact, I think I will anyhow. This blog has a different readership.

  3. Looking forward to reading the results of your Jacks.
    Loved your “Becoming Michael” story in Inspires.

  4. rosemaryhannah

    That is such a lovely thing to say! The Christmas story is in some ways very like Michael. Although it is not about Michael, it is another story which has Becoming as a major theme, and it has Gabriel, too, a little bit, from an earlier story about the Annunciation. It is very obviously part of the same set of myth making.

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