Daily Archives: November 29, 2010

C’mon baby, light my fire!

Oh dear, a long absence of posts. I have been frantically busy at work on the house. My youngest daughter tells me it is not a restoration, but an up-grade. My neighbour, hard at work on it in his allegedly free time, says it is one hell of an up-grade.

I am not sure how much I am contributing, really. Just clearing rooms, buying materials, feeding the workers (Small Neighbour is usually here in the role of apprentice) seems to take most of the time. One offering I am making however, is starting removing the filling from the fireplace.

The more of the fireplace I uncovered, the more it became clear that it was the original, battered and splendid. And large. And filled in with Very Hard Cement and Well Jammed Bricks. I am getting somewhere, but VERY much doubt I will have all of the filling out by Friday, when Neighbour is supposed to start work on installing the new wood burning stove.

Any vernacular architecture experts reading? Do you think the slight ledge suggests it was made to carry a wooden beam at the top? Along the line of the recessed lintel?