Cold feet

The guinea fowl do not much like the snow. The spend most of their time in one or other barn. Crossing the snow, they run with a very jerky trot, trying to keep their feet from the worst of the cold.


11 responses to “Cold feet

  1. She’s lovely all grown up. I hadn’t realised how very like a wild turkey she would be. (the same awkward gate. the same wary look of ‘is that a carving knife I see before me?’)

  2. rosemaryhannah

    Four or five times a day they have a panic attack, and they all shout together: ‘Help, help! We’ve delicious, we’re delicious!’

  3. right now, I’m just glad not to have to feed anything that size.
    My parents get flocks of wild turkeys in the winter — 20 or 30 in each single-sex grouping, both sexes present during the day, but seldom both at once.

    I suppose then I really would have to find a feed store.

  4. rosemaryhannah

    I used to have domestic turkeys – they were like big guinea fowl in many ways. You HAD to be sure to have at least two males, or the one became moody and unpredictable and attacked people. They were wonderful parents. But they were delicate – liable to die of ‘blackhead’ which actually just made them very sad and droopy. It came from parasites carried by hens – so I have gone for guineas as being less vulnerable, though it turns out, more neurotic.

  5. The feathers will be splendid for millinery.

  6. I simultaneously laud and flinch from the thought.

  7. rosemaryhannah

    Feathers for millinery pop up as they moult – like eider down it does not imply death of the provider. So should you see me with glorious speckled feathers – do rejoice. It just means the bird has newer ones.

  8. excellent. that is just what I wanted to know.

  9. It is true that they moult.

  10. Schmeekins, the trouble is I don’t know you well enough to say what I’m thinking…

  11. rosemaryhannah

    The best I can offer is that he is generally kind to cats …

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