The taste of Christmas

It was Schmeekins who started me off – I was in the supermarket, thinking of a treat to get for myself to cheer me though the inevitable frantic activity which is the prelude to my Christmas dash south. The journey has its own traditions, which include cherry tomatoes and pre-cooked cocktail sausages.

But what to buy to help me through the frantic clean-and-pack-athon? The fence-muckout-write-instructions-bathdogs-do the irritating-jobs-delayed-over-athon? I prefer home-made mince pies and am holding off. The co-op had no nice biscuits, let alone cookies which American friends have kindly occasionally shared. I especially remember some Hermits which cheered me on my way and which I would be very happy to make a tradition.

I remembered the comment by my son, recalling the post cash-and-carry but pre-Christmas treat of Tunnocks teacakes. Treat because the rest of the year I was inclined to spend my cash on healthier and more nutritious foods, and so the sugar shock of the teacake came as a thrill to my poor deprived children.

Gentle reader, I invested in a packet and they have turned out to fill the bill admirably.

Now tell me? What are your treats? Expected or unexpected? What foods actually do mean Christmas, or late Advent to you?


7 responses to “The taste of Christmas

  1. Pannetone spread with the apricot jam I used to stick the marzipan on the Christmas cake.

  2. If I ever see the inside of a decent grocery store again and can find the ingredients, I’ll make you Hermits. Presumably we can call them a winter cookie, and not worry if it’s past the main feast…

  3. rosemaryhannah

    Sounds suitably off beat and very satisfying, chris.

    Your’re on wonderful exchange.

  4. tangerines and ready salted crisps – one of each everyday throught the festive period. My mother believes in the whole twelve days.

  5. one salted crisp??

    that must win the prize for most unusual Christmas tradition.

    Hope you are all enjoying the feast today.

  6. These days I like to have mince pies and mulled wine, though mulled wine was not rationed in my youth and was had regularly in the winter months. I also like German biscuits, Lebkuchen, Pfeffernuesse and anything with marzipan.

    We were only allowed one pack of crisps a day and the fruit was rationed too.

  7. one salted crisp sounds far healthier than whole pack I was wantonly allowed each day.

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