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I have an exciting event coming up – which I had hoped to be able to announce by now, but cannot. Not the kind of happy personal thing which finds itself in those wee columns of newspapers, but something requiring a suit, I think, a proper suit.

Now, having dress-made for years I am pretty intolerant of a poor fit, and boring fabrics, and I started browsing. I began with a High Street chain. Fashionable cut, but terrible fabric. So I moved on to a much posher chain, specialising in such things. It was just a little dearer. Rather bland cut, rather bland fabric, and I began to suspect it would not be a good fit.

So I moved on to a company who offer a fitting service and, you guessed it, they were just a little dearer. Then I started looking at the options, and added a bit of colour here, and a pocket there, and, yes, it was just a little bit dearer.

And each step took me innocently from the inexpensive to the eye-watering.

Hum, far too soon to make a decision. Wait until common sense kicks back in, I think.


9 responses to “Random surplus blog

  1. just get it. You deserve to feel good that day, and you hardly ever spend money on yourself.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    You are joking! I have new boots for which I paid an unbelievable sum, I support three ponies, I have a new car, a new roof, a new and highly expensive floor … I took down the ceiling to reveal the one below as more expense, I have a new soon-to-be shower room …

    BUT I might be able to sell it to myself as a value-for-money investment in image. And it WOULD last.

    And then, grey or brown? Gangster or English person abroad? A man-tailored jacket and a Fedora to give it originality I think, and … Well, no harm dreaming.

  3. Such wantonness and decadence but I do agree that off-the-peg is a sad comedown from bespoke tailoring.

  4. the boots, I grant.

    The ponies need to be fed. That is money spent on kindness to God’s creatures and does not count as ‘you’.
    The new car was a necessity and was not bought with luxuries in mind.
    No one but you could think a roof was an extravagence.
    I seem to remember you were’t replacing floors on a whim, but because of the problems/ other work needed.

    I’m not sure that either grey or brown is the answer. Maybe olive? Maybe Aubergine? But brown, if you wish to be practical. Not a man tailored jacket. Remember all the weight you lost? Oh, you’ve done a rare thing: I’m twitching to take you shopping.

    (just because my own clothes is very dull does not mean I can’t dress others, you know. My best friend in high-school could wear anything, and would happily traipse in and out of a dressing room for hours as I said ‘try this!’.)

  5. rosemaryhannah

    When the time comes, you are on. But it needs to welcome a Fedora on top of it.

    Olive makes me look washed out. I think golds make me glow. I could be wrong.

    When you think of the poor souls selling the Big Issue a roof is a luxury. I already have too many luxuries. I tend to agree with Francis, that it is a discourtesy to have more of anything than anybody. Though I sit here in the warm having it for all that.

  6. I think you are that that you should stay away from olive, though I’m inclined to think most people should but aubergine work very well and tie in with your golds or greens.

  7. rosemaryhannah

    It is true burgundy is flattering, but I had kind-of wanted a cross between Noel Coward and a Chicago gangster. Keep thinking – Fedora.

  8. Rosmary, might you be missing the subtle hints? Hats, yes; fedora, no. Not for this event.

    We can release your inner gangster some other time. Perhaps on a visit to Dunblane?

    (oh, and Aubergine is not burgundy, though I’d be prepared to consider that too)

  9. rosemaryhannah

    Burgundy is better – I think if no hat then no suit. The totally last thing I want to look like is just another suit. Not actually the last, the worst would be wedding guest. I need to look efficient but different and interesting. My first choice was a black shift dress with a tangerine jacket – or failing that the orange dress and the black jacket. But this season is awash with florals and muddy grey. Bear in mind one expects it to be a lunch and afternoon thing.

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