Spring watch 4

After several nights of silence, Alice is At It Again. The pond is alive with the sound of music. The frogs are only common frogs, but they sing beautifully and mate with enthusiasm. (I suppose most species do, actually) I was a little afraid numbers might be down this year, but no. The sound is tremendous. Until I creep up. They hear my footfalls and are silent. I wait until impatience gets the better of me, and switch on my torch. Tens of little faces freeze. I swing the torch round, and as it swings back, faces who were there have vanished. Light bodes no good. Feet bode no good. But the warm darkness of night is safe and kind and guided by sound and those large eyes, frog seeks frog. In the morning the pond will be full of huge clumps of spawn.


One response to “Spring watch 4

  1. I came to your post from my feed reader thinking “wish there was a ‘like’ button for posts” – and behold: there is!

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