All Greek to me

I wonder if next Lent I should resolve that the only books I read will be fiction. I struggle to read novels.

On the other hand, I get really excited by books that I know some consider up-hill work. Recently I have embarked in re-reading Mark in Greek. I’ve done it before but this time I am aided by a help in the form of parallel text. It cut down a lot on the need to look things up – though to suck all the marrow from a passage, there is no doubt that a good dictionary is still indispensable. And I am riveted, excited and stirred – it is so very far from the heavy struggling English. Though a lot of the time it seems very rough Greek indeed. Rough but full of colour.

I am so luck to have learned it. It pains me so much that so few in the church learn it. It is so illogical. Muslims learn Arabic, Jews, Hebrew. We seem to think it is impossible for all but the highest flying clergy, and we don;t even suggest it for the laity. Why? It is not that hard, not that complex, and it opens doors through which vivid, life-giving images spring.

Gentle reader – if the Bible interests you – learn Greek.


2 responses to “All Greek to me

  1. It’s a big ask but I do feel things cannot be properly appreciated in translation.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    If only it was perceived as possible, it would be possible. If it were facilitated, it could and would be done. At about nine, children would learn a few Greek words in Young Church. They would learn the alphabet as well. Adults would be offered a little Greek in bible study. Any form of training for ministry would include some Greek at each seminar and RWE. It would soon trickle in.

    But it is thought to be a big ask, not a huge gift. Therein lies the problem. It is like the 4 min mile. While you know it is impossible, you do not run it.

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