A dialogue

Friend: But you don’t believe unreasonable things.
Self: Well we do tend to believe a-reasonable things. Like, the bread and wine to actually become in some way the blood and body of Christ.
Friend: Well you don’t have incense and processions and that kind of stuff.
Self: We do you know – but [hastily] only when we want to celebrate something important – a big festival, or something, er, something important.
Friend (desperately): Well at least you don’t bow to things, or kiss them or touch them.
Self (reflectively): Very frequently, but perhaps not yet frequently enough …


4 responses to “A dialogue

  1. Beth Routledge

    I spend half my life bowing and processing and incenseing…

  2. rosemaryhannah

    In fact, we have a quite shocking amount of fun.

  3. Oh excellent. I love it when you teach in the moment.

  4. rosemaryhannah

    When the harassments of these present moments are by for both of us. I need you to stick back on the bits which have become unstuck during copy-editing.

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