Don’t panic!

Taken during the pretty pre-Christmas snow, this picture is proof that guinea-fowl can indeed fly. It is also proof that they are very easily discombobulated. They are neither birds of great calmness of disposition, nor of high intelligence.

So the other day when I heard them towards the bottom of my field, very upset, it took a moment work out what was the matter. It turned out they had invented a problem too complex for them to solve. There were in three groups, which upset them as they like to be in one group. Group A was in my field. Group B was in the lane, beside the fence to my field, and, horrors of horrors, group C was behind the fence at the the bottom of my field. Had it been but groups A and B they would both have proceeded towards home on their sides of the fence and found to their delight they met at the top, where a gate allows easy access (they fit between the bars). That would have meant moving away from group c which they could not bring themselves to do. Nor did they think to move towards group C, who would then have found there was a gate out of the field in which they were, through which they could walk. Nor did group C think of flying over the fence. Instead, group C walked up and down a three metre stretch, which was six metres from the gate.

By the time I arrived all ten were just short of hysterical. The problem was solved by getting behind the birds and walking them firmly towards the gate (with them attempting to break back to their trap all the time). Once in the lane, all groups rushed towards reunion at the top.

Truly, one either needs intelligence or a calm disposition to survive this harsh world.


2 responses to “Don’t panic!

  1. Oh, to have had snow at Christmas. After Christmas I can report that Guinea-fowl if stupid do taste excellent and am looking forward to more.

  2. These ten are my longest survivors, I think due to the benign influence of Survivor (the blessed fowl). IF I see any evidence f egg laying they will be incarcerated until I have some keets hatched.

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